Peace with Food During the Holidays

Stop overeating without having to struggle with food, even when you have tried everything

This is a tough time of year. The problem is:

  • This time of year is SO stressful.

  • Food calls your name and you can't stop.

  • It is hard not to overeat, no matter how much you try.

  • Food is EVERYWHERE!

What you need is Peace with Food this holiday!

Stop overeating this holiday season.

* Food is all around: in the stores, in the break room, at the parties and family events.

* Feel confident at the party or buffet line that you will eat without overeating.

* Get out of the overwhelm with all the projects and be able to determine what YOU need.

In Peace with Food: Holiday Edition

You will have access to:

  • Tools you need to get through this holiday season peacefully.

  • Simple strategies that are proven to support you to not focus on food.

  • Support to feel your best this holiday season.

  • Easy ideas to try.

This program is valued at $750.

It is yours for ONLY $29.

Meet Kim McLaughlin, MA

I’m Kim McLaughlin and I am a psychotherapist, coach, best selling author, and podcaster.

I help people when they are feeling overwhelmed and overloaded, and it shows up in overeating.

I help people move from struggling with food to a place of peace with food.

I have worked with countless people who struggle with overeating. I understand what you are going through from personal and professional experience.

Isn't it time for you to get off the diet rollercoaster? .

Get access to Peace with Food Holiday Edition (Value= $750)

Here is what you get:

  1. Private learning portal for you to access all you need to manage food differently this holiday season.

  2. Twice weekly supportive emails encouraging you to try something different with food.

  3. Instant access to all of the modules in the portal, so you can choose to do them in order or pick the topics that fit for you.

  4. Monthly Q and A Meetings for you to get YOUR questions answered.

  5. Bonus' you will LOVE!

Don't let time get away from you. Get in now to get access to the group.

Experience a wholy different holiday this year.

Set yourself up for peace with food and peace with the holidays.

Get access to Peace with Food: Holiday Edition.

You will love it!

ONLY $29

Peace With Food: Holiday Edition is only $29!

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